Holmes covers
Posted in design,illustration,niceness,notmine by Mark on the November 22nd, 2009
holmes covers

These aren’t terribly new, 2007 I believe, but I’ve been reading my way through Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books after one of these wonderful covers caught my eye. The books themselves are brilliant, far better than I expected – I think we’re brainwashed with expectations of the deerstalker hat and “elementary my dear Watson” which is never said, and the hat which is never worn.

holmes covers

The books make a beautiful set and I’ve been treating myself to a new couple every few months when I get a chance, and the designs perfectly lend themselves to the real spirit of the books and the characters, not the parodied cliché of Holmes.

The full set continues after the click.

Live and Let Die
Posted in notmine,random by Mark on the December 3rd, 2008

Not actually even my favourite Bond movie, but certainly my favourite watch from a range of Bond villains released by Swatch to tie in no doubt with the launch of the tedious new Bond movie (before anyone moans, I haven’t seen it, I don’t plan to – I’m sure it’s excellent and gritty but I like my Bond ridiculous and feel good, not reinvented.)


Of the range, this seemed to be the one in the UK totally sold out, helped by it being one of the cheapest of the range probably, plus it’s simple illustration is cute as hell :D Plus did I mention it glows in the dark? But anyway, it’s mine now, hurray. Cue me running into about 50 people with the same watch but oh well :)


Links below to see the rest, also a test to see which villain you truly are… I repeatedly ended up being Elektra King – just because I’m practical and think champagne and shoes should come ahead of grenades… Sheesh. ;)

Swatch – Villain Range
Swatch – What’s Your Villain Test

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Nothing to do with me, but I ran across it on good ol’ NOTCOT.org, and think it’s lovely. A low poly CGI German movie. Lovely doomed plot talkover towards the end of the trailer. Some of the physics grates slightly, but love the look and feel.

ryu offical site
ryu high res trailer (90 meg wmv)

“we don’t wear sandals… it’s too cold.”
Posted in niceness,notmine by Mark on the July 9th, 2007

Apologies for lack of updates, have been very busy – this is a good thing mind you, I’m not poor and starving in my new career as a freelance designer.

Anyway this has been knocking around for a while but I still love it so much I’m going to mention it, the Reyka vodka adverts… bottles… site… I’m generally not a big fan of advertising – much if not most of it is crap. But everything about this appeals to me, despite the fact I stopped drinking vodka years ago – the lovely woodcut style illustrations, the quirky simple no nonsense funny statements:

“In Iceland, we have the best water in the world, but water on its own is not the most exciting type of thing, so we turn some of our water into vodka. Just like Jesus – he turned water into wine. We’re not saying we’re like Jesus. We’re not. We don’t talk with god, and we don’t wear sandals… it’s too cold.”

See more of the adverts here - The bottles themselves have great design work too, they’re bottled depending on different things which apparently happen on the day a certain batch is made, it’s a lovely touch – whether true or not, it gives a really great sense of the personal touch and something being made crafted and cared for but in a quite modern way. It’s nice and tactile and well it clicks for me, in the same way as Innocent do (and did with their hats campaign I linked to early on scrapbook). Unpretentious, simple sweet and funny…

Credit where it’s due – I first ran across the ads at the wonderful NOTCOT.org/NOTCOT.com and they have some great photography of the bottles too.

And yes this is probably the start of me posting more things I like instead of just my own work – I’m not about to turn scrapbook into notcot or The Serif though will probably post more often :) I have quite a few updates coming up over the next few weeks too.

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