Show me the way to Perdido
Posted in design,illustration,news by Mark on the August 19th, 2007

The rebrand is getting there, will have my business cards printed this coming week, you can see the new style of my stuff now on sreski’s entrance page although it’ll be quite a while before my portfolio gets treated to the new look.

I also found time to enter into one of The Serif‘s redesigner challenges, with a recover of China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station, and also my recover of Paul Cornell’s British Summertime which I posted on scrapbook a while ago.

You can see what folks over on The Serif thought here.

I also did some poster designs using the full map of New Crobuzon (the metropolis in China Mieville’s series of books).

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Tentacle Prawn
Posted in doodle,illustration by Mark on the August 5th, 2007

A recent illustration based on a little scruffy sketch which leaked out of my brain while I was insanely busy the other week.

In other news, I’m working on a bit of a rebrand – designing for yourself, a major battle as always. But eventually getting somewhere ;) Sreski will get an overhaul, scrapbook.sreski will stay much the same most likely for now.

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Rise of Egg Man!
Posted in doodle,illustration by Mark on the March 22nd, 2007

For a silly little bored doodle, this thing took a long time to bring to scrapbook as an update! Yes it’s been over a month since the last update, but hopefully the next few will be back to usual every other week :)

Opening the floor to naming suggestions – so far I’ve had Arthur Albumen and Omel the Romanian Egg Man :D Quite tempted to turn a few of my doodles and illustrations into T-Shirts over the coming months so will start looking into that methinks.

For your amusement, I bring forth “Egg Man Cometh! – The making of Egg Man.”

Posted in illustration by Mark on the February 10th, 2007

Something I’ve been meaning to do as a little personal project for a while, one of my favourite books British Summertime, by Paul Cornell, I always felt didn’t have a particularly strong cover (his other book Something More, is even worse) so for the hell of it I created a few ideas for the cover.

The book is actually quite short, but covers a huge range of topics, (in a suitably whimsical way that doesn’t clobber you with judgemental preachiness) from religion, capitalism, communism, Britishness, mad cow disease, chipshopness, oh and don’t forget time travel, the RAF, heads on plates and the end of the world.

When I finished my ideas and was showing them a friend, I dug out an image of the original cover as comparison. And appallingly, I discovered the book is being re-released this year with a new cover.

I don’t actively hate the new cover, I’m mostly jealous someone got there before me. It has a quite quirky nice retro feel to it, which does in a way tie in to one of the characters who is WW2 era prim and proper British. Not a fan of the imagery used in it though, would prefer if it had just been the flag (although St George flag for a book titled British seems a bit of a misfire) or at least not the cheesy clock/stars nebula composite image.

That’s where my niceness ends however, as I checked the new publisher it will be released through and the full listing of covers all have this very similar style, a retro throwback, I don’t think its 100% correct for British Summertime, and I doubt even more that it would be appropriate for every single book they are releasing.

East meets biro
Posted in illustration,news by Mark on the January 28th, 2007

Just another quick little biro doodle, quite like how it turned out might tidy it up and make a shiny vector version of it sometime.

More news on the shiny ego front, I’m quite hooked to checking my website’s traffic now, so geeky I know, but was pleasantly surprised to see I now seem to have more attention from China than from Europe now, certainly surprised me, but quite flattering for my design style to be liked so far and wide. And the few pages I wedged through babel translator sounded quite nice indeed :D

Frantically busy week in work, created the first piece of work I’ve been happy with in months there, and it’s only the design for a web invite. Will pop it on my portfolio site in a few weeks probably.

Follow through and flattery.
Posted in illustration,news by Mark on the December 22nd, 2006

Deep in the distant past I suggested I’d have a go at the Semi-Competitive competition, and with work and general procrastination it seemed I wasn’t going to get the time. And yet, I did find the time, at least to enter some designs for their fashion/t-shirt competition. I went with some ideas based on the current style for scrapbook, although I had various others, hopefully they’ll emerge as wallpapers on here at some point :)

In other news my web developer friend Rihards’ site which I designed and he created was featured on the web gallery Web Creme which was pretty cool, on his birthday no less which I think I’m meant to not mention. The design and CSS was even ripped off for an Opera community blog, how’s that for flattery :D

All quiet on the sketchy doodle front.
Posted in doodle,illustration by Mark on the December 10th, 2006

Well I was planning on doing an entry last week full of biro doodles, celebrating the 60th-ish anniversary of bored employees drawing the craziest things with the simplest of tools. But my pad went missing (yes I could have said my dog ate it, but I don’t have a dog and my cat is above such things).

Hopefully I’ll replenish my stocks with more intricate doodles shortly, and for the moment I’m resisting showing anyone the original sketch of the illustration on scrapbook itself as its really very unpretty. Only the quick little tree doodle is actually done in biro, the three spires image was done on my shiny new Wacom tablet :D The other is a pile of old illustrations done on tracing paper.

Posted in illustration by Mark on the November 12th, 2006

Had quite a lot of nice feedback from the site so far, so all is good.

I’m currently toying with the idea of making some T-Shirt or poster designs for the Semi-Competitive competition, but with only two months left to make something dazzling, not sure I’ll find the time! Hmm something evil involving fish probably.

Anyway, some assorted shinies, all done in Illustrator, some have been knocking around in forgotten folders for a while, the coloured in scrapbook landscape is new though :)

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