Tree & Sea Poster
Posted in design,doodle,illustration,news by Mark on the October 13th, 2008

Or lake if you’re so inclined.


Something I’ve been working on every now and again for quite a while, has finally been printed up and posted out to the wide world to act as a little hello :)

I also posted a preview on DT and had a few requests for prints folks can buy, so if anyone does want a copy comment away and I’ll eventually get around to sorting a print run :)

Beard of Ages & Yellow River
Posted in design,doodle,illustration,news by Mark on the May 17th, 2008
beard of ages poster
beard of ages poster

The two posters above I created for DT‘s monthly poster competitions – I won their first competition with my robot poster a while back. The beardy poster won also whilst the yellow river poster came a joint second :)

Christmas Cards 1988
Posted in design,doodle,illustration,news by Mark on the January 17th, 2008

Bit slow of me posting this in 2008, but wanted to show them :)

I won the competition for my design to be used as the school Christmas card at my infant school when I was seven (back in 1988 scary eh) and had them reprinted this year as my Christmas cards to send out :)

Christmas 2007
Christmas 2007
Christmas 2007

Thanks to Karen over at Entwistle for the insanely fast turn around (left it a bit late!).

Tentacle Prawn
Posted in doodle,illustration by Mark on the August 5th, 2007

A recent illustration based on a little scruffy sketch which leaked out of my brain while I was insanely busy the other week.

In other news, I’m working on a bit of a rebrand – designing for yourself, a major battle as always. But eventually getting somewhere ;) Sreski will get an overhaul, scrapbook.sreski will stay much the same most likely for now.

That’s all for now,

Sunny flowers.
Posted in 3D,doodle by Mark on the May 2nd, 2007

Been a while since I did anything particularly exciting in 3D, so thought I’d dust myself off a little and do some more high detailed doodles of flowers. They’re vaguely sunflower-like but not entirely. Might continue doing a colourless series of bits and pieces, or might take this further and texture it up. Enjoy :)

And… then I was Without too
Posted in doodle,news by Mark on the April 22nd, 2007

Again bit of a delay in posting oops, lots of changes for me at the moment. Have finally left my job of three years at With in Manchester to go freelance. It was my first job in the industry as a designer and though I’d been unhappy there for some time, it was a great place to start out – sounds a bit trite to say it, but they did some good stuff, with lots of varied clients and work, and was a very fun place to start out and learn. And of course met a lot of cool people who I’m still in touch with, like that slacker Matt who posts pleasant abuse occasionally here.

Everyone was very cool with my leaving, so had a very cool send off and promptly got sick for a whole week shortly after my departure! But I have a few very nice pieces of work lined up already, and lots of leads to start chasing.

Soooo… Plans include updating my flash site with some new content and stripping out a few bits and pieces, and working on various of my own projects again, some nice new experimental stuff hopefully which I’ll post here of course. And in the chaos of clearing out my desk I dug out an old pad with lots of doodles see below :) And more from me soon hopefully.

In other news, cool seems to be my new favourite word, feel free to smack me in the face if I use it too much.

Rise of Egg Man!
Posted in doodle,illustration by Mark on the March 22nd, 2007

For a silly little bored doodle, this thing took a long time to bring to scrapbook as an update! Yes it’s been over a month since the last update, but hopefully the next few will be back to usual every other week :)

Opening the floor to naming suggestions – so far I’ve had Arthur Albumen and Omel the Romanian Egg Man :D Quite tempted to turn a few of my doodles and illustrations into T-Shirts over the coming months so will start looking into that methinks.

For your amusement, I bring forth “Egg Man Cometh! – The making of Egg Man.”

All quiet on the sketchy doodle front.
Posted in doodle,illustration by Mark on the December 10th, 2006

Well I was planning on doing an entry last week full of biro doodles, celebrating the 60th-ish anniversary of bored employees drawing the craziest things with the simplest of tools. But my pad went missing (yes I could have said my dog ate it, but I don’t have a dog and my cat is above such things).

Hopefully I’ll replenish my stocks with more intricate doodles shortly, and for the moment I’m resisting showing anyone the original sketch of the illustration on scrapbook itself as its really very unpretty. Only the quick little tree doodle is actually done in biro, the three spires image was done on my shiny new Wacom tablet :D The other is a pile of old illustrations done on tracing paper.

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