Posted in 3D,niceness,notmine,random by Mark on the November 20th, 2008

Nothing to do with me, but I ran across it on good ol’ NOTCOT.org, and think it’s lovely. A low poly CGI German movie. Lovely doomed plot talkover towards the end of the trailer. Some of the physics grates slightly, but love the look and feel.

ryu offical site
ryu high res trailer (90 meg wmv)

Sunny flowers.
Posted in 3D,doodle by Mark on the May 2nd, 2007

Been a while since I did anything particularly exciting in 3D, so thought I’d dust myself off a little and do some more high detailed doodles of flowers. They’re vaguely sunflower-like but not entirely. Might continue doing a colourless series of bits and pieces, or might take this further and texture it up. Enjoy :)

Ripple me this…
Posted in 3D by Mark on the January 20th, 2007

Ahem 19 days later… Oops.

Sreski and scrapbook.sreski have both been appearing on a number of gallery sites after first appearing on Web Creme a bit ago, which is pretty cool :)

Anyway, work has been fairly hectic, and haven’t found much energy to do my own doodles, so I shalt combine these two dilemmas to produce some quasi-shiny goods! Finally some 3D eh! Nothing too glamorous, the below were created very quickly for a pitch, as visuals of some abstract graphics which could be used in printed pieces here and there, ripples and growth and the like. (You get a cookie if you can guess the client from the three corporate colours red, grey and white.)

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