Holmes covers
Posted in design,illustration,niceness,notmine by Mark on the November 22nd, 2009
holmes covers

These aren’t terribly new, 2007 I believe, but I’ve been reading my way through Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books after one of these wonderful covers caught my eye. The books themselves are brilliant, far better than I expected – I think we’re brainwashed with expectations of the deerstalker hat and “elementary my dear Watson” which is never said, and the hat which is never worn.

holmes covers

The books make a beautiful set and I’ve been treating myself to a new couple every few months when I get a chance, and the designs perfectly lend themselves to the real spirit of the books and the characters, not the parodied clich√© of Holmes.

The full set continues after the click.

New post shocker
Posted in news,random by Mark on the November 2nd, 2009

Last post in June eh, well that’s rather a lapse.

Well, I’m planning on reviving scrapbook, along with maybe giving it a fresh lick of paint and forcing myself into the habit of scanning my doodles and posting my random odds and ends.

I’ve just had my 28th birthday, yikes. But it’s been a busy year, lots of wonderful new clients and some brilliant new friends and experiences along the way.

Along with scrapbook, I’ll be updating Sreski with new content over the coming few weeks. In the mean time check out Rihards’ brand new site designed by yours truly, and of course developed by himself – www.rihardsonline.com check his news section which incorporates his old blog, and is frequently updated.

For day to day babblings my twitter is here it is mostly gibberish I assure you.

That’s all for now – Mark.

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