Upload Pie – The Simple Image Sharing Tool!
Posted in design,illustration,news,tool by Mark on the June 14th, 2009

Another little project between myself and Rihards. It’s a very simple, small & helpful tool, handy for showing someone an image within your browser (for me it’s handy to show people some of my WIPs to get a second opinion) without fussing with FTP, or worrying about deleting it later. Good for when messenger is being rubbish at transferring files.
Take a peek.


We decided it’d just target images you can view within your browser, so it’s not ideal for huge files, so I’d happily recommend either senduit.com or mailbigfile.com for those cases.

As a note, Rihards is still ironing out a few bugs, so any problems just fire us an email. We hope you enjoy it and find it as useful as we have :)

Upload Pie – The Simple Image Sharing Tool

A few wallpapers in various flavours for your pie needs :D

Upload Pie Wallpapers
Upload Pie – Red Back – 1920×1200
Upload Pie – Red Back – 1680×1050
Upload Pie – Red Back – 1440×900

Upload Pie – Green Back – 1920×1200
Upload Pie – Green Back – 1680×1050
Upload Pie – Green Back – 1440×900

Upload Pie – Strawberry – 1920×1200
Upload Pie – Strawberry – 1680×1050
Upload Pie – Strawberry – 1440×900

Upload Pie – Blackberry – 1920×1200
Upload Pie – Blackberry – 1680×1050
Upload Pie – Blackberry – 1440×900

Upload Pie – Blueberry – 1920×1200
Upload Pie – Blueberry – 1680×1050
Upload Pie – Blueberry – 1440×900

Business Cards 3 – Designs on Saying Hello
Posted in design,illustration,news,photography by Mark on the June 7th, 2009

Business Cards 3

The third in the series of books on lovely business cards by Michael Dorrian and Liz Farrelly, which I stumbled across in Magma on Friday – I’d forgotten it was coming out this summer!

It’s a lovely resource for all kinds of inspiration and styles. And I’m very proud to have my cards be part of the collection (must be scraping the barrel and all that – before Coxy could say it). But yes, very lovely and happy they’ve been so well received :)

Business Cards 3

Business Cards 3

Business Cards 3

Business Cards 3 – Designs on Saying Hello @ Laurence King Publishing

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