Our Dark Materials
Posted in design,illustration,news by Mark on the March 31st, 2009
our dark materials

Shameless promotion alert – I made these posters to promote my friend Seth’s new book group which focusses on lovely fantasy & sci-fi book nerdery. So if you’re in Mancunia, come along – the next book is Jurassic Park! A timeless classic. Well maybe not, but it’s remained one of my favourites for years.



There I said it. It contains dinosaurs. Massive spoiler. Ruined for you really.

So yes, come along have pints, discuss geeky books, and ramble about other things. We tend to go have grub after too, so it’s not just bookery.

Plus. Dinosaurs, I mean, come on.

The next meeting is Wednesday 29th April.

Our Dark Materials

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