“God hates fangs”
Posted in random by Mark on the December 29th, 2008

I’ve been recently completely addicted to a new TV show – True Blood.

Another vampire tv show, you would think the well was pretty dry after so many attempts to keep milking a bloody teet. (Blade films and tv show, Buffy film and tv show, Buffy’s spin off show Angel, Anne Rice’s two film adaptions, oh and countless other films, oh and that teeny stuff Twilight which looks quite cringeworthy)

But no, it’s rather awesome. The premise is a world in which vampires have come out to the world as there’s this synthetic Japanese alternative to human blood named – you guessed it, Tru Blood. (I guess after Tru Calling someone thankfully decided they couldn’t stomach naming another TV show with illiterate word use.) And the show takes place in the deep south of America, and with that loving and caring locale it contrasts all kinds of intolerance, “fangs” themselves, fang-bangers (take a guess), racism, homophobia. And it’s just surprisingly quality. Full of blood, death, sex, substance abuse. It’s all kinds of win.

The intro sequence is rather twisted, reminds me of one of my favourite movies – Natural Born Killers, and I suppose at a push, Se7en’s intro too.

Free legal instant music? Really?
Posted in news,random by Mark on the December 26th, 2008

I’m not entirely sold on the name (reminds me of a scene from Futurama about the selection of untrademarked names) but Coxy invited me to the rather funky service Spotify. You download the program and it allows you to stream a huge amount of music for free quickly and simply. No piracy, no legal qualms, quite refreshing.

The interface is relatively intuitive, although I find it easy to overlook the fact you need to scroll to see albums when you search for individual artists. And I’ve been enjoying listening to albums I’d always meant to check out but didn’t really want to buy or thieve them.

So, it is quite lovely. The free account is paid for by ads which do appear infrequently between tracks. A minor annoyance but still a mile away from the average advertising tedium of radio. If it bothers you too much you can subscribe for an ad free experience. Sounds good so far, but: it does crash relentlessly on my mac when left to it’s own devices, it’s fine for quite a while but if I leave it on in the background paused it tends to crash, and sometimes when it goes between ads and back to the music.

Hopefully as it develops the builds will get more stable though. Another nice touch is that it already has last.fm scrobbling built in.

And a Happy Christmas to everyone :) I had a spare minute after being overfed on Christmas Day to fix the sIFR (fancy fonts) on scrapbook, and swapped the fonts used too.


Christmas Flickr Meet 08
Posted in news,photography,random by Mark on the December 24th, 2008

flickr christmas

My first Flickr meet – I’m hidden somewhere towards the back what with being tall. My friend Matt or monsier Coxy as he is more widely recognised was there, he’s mentioned them quite a bit over the years but I never managed to time it well enough to go before. Plus I have a slightly less embarrassing camera finally and have been wanting to do a bit more photography in my spare time.


So yup yup it was quite good fun despite the extreme cold, met lots of lovely random photo type people, and Eleanor D even managed to take the above passable photo of my good self when I wasn’t looking. Plus it was an excuse to visit the Christmas markets yet again :)

Some more if you clicky. (more…)

Posted in design,illustration,news by Mark on the December 23rd, 2008

My copy of Bastardised arrived some time ago – it’s a sturdy bloody thing! Has all the submissions to Bunch’s Made in Bunch project including my own wee contribution. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go to the get together they organised as it landed smack on my birthday (plus it was in London).

bastardised cover
my bastardised submission

Made in Bunch

Let it glow
Posted in news,niceness,photography,random by Mark on the December 22nd, 2008

Ok ok you have permission to shoot me for that post title :D Anyway I’ve been slacking off with my blogging so apologies, as my friends know I have a magpie-esque love for things that glow, and have all manner of lights and things. I’ve photographed some of my favourites, along with the new wonderful toy I got for my birthday.

living color
living color

This is my new toy, a Philips LivingColor light. Looks pretty doesn’t it, it also and this is the bit which makes me giddy, changes colour according to a small remote control which lets me adjust the colour using a colour-wheel, the depth, intensity, brightness. Basically like letting me have a bit of Photoshop in the real world, terrible idea… ;)


My Christmas tree from last year which I bartered with Habitat staff for as it was the last one in stock. Pretty glass red thing.


Assorted glittery lights.

Philips LivingColors on Amazon
Philips LivingColors Homepage

Oh and also – I’ve recently upgraded scrapbook to WordPress 2.7, the admin interface is now very sexy indeed – however my fancy font titles have stopped working, not sure if it was a recent Flash update or the WordPress upgrade – will fix it when I get a moment hopefully!

Live and Let Die
Posted in notmine,random by Mark on the December 3rd, 2008

Not actually even my favourite Bond movie, but certainly my favourite watch from a range of Bond villains released by Swatch to tie in no doubt with the launch of the tedious new Bond movie (before anyone moans, I haven’t seen it, I don’t plan to – I’m sure it’s excellent and gritty but I like my Bond ridiculous and feel good, not reinvented.)


Of the range, this seemed to be the one in the UK totally sold out, helped by it being one of the cheapest of the range probably, plus it’s simple illustration is cute as hell :D Plus did I mention it glows in the dark? But anyway, it’s mine now, hurray. Cue me running into about 50 people with the same watch but oh well :)


Links below to see the rest, also a test to see which villain you truly are… I repeatedly ended up being Elektra King – just because I’m practical and think champagne and shoes should come ahead of grenades… Sheesh. ;)

Swatch – Villain Range
Swatch – What’s Your Villain Test

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