Posted in 3D,niceness,notmine,random by Mark on the November 20th, 2008

Nothing to do with me, but I ran across it on good ol’ NOTCOT.org, and think it’s lovely. A low poly CGI German movie. Lovely doomed plot talkover towards the end of the trailer. Some of the physics grates slightly, but love the look and feel.

ryu offical site
ryu high res trailer (90 meg wmv)

Posted in news,photography by Mark on the November 10th, 2008

So yeah, wow I’m 27, not sure why 27 seems such a big deal, I guess it’s rolling that bit closer to another decade so I can’t keep pretending it’s mid 20s. Scary stuff. Will blog about a few random presents and things later in the week.

Still no word on my posters sorry have had a lot of other more pressing stuff to deal with, but I’ll get to them eventually :) In the mean time, I’ve updated my Flickr with some random pictures from the last few weeks.


fat santa


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