Ice Lego! Magnetic Lego! Lego Lego!
Posted in news,niceness,random by Mark on the January 28th, 2008

Yes it’s fifty years since the birth of Lego, Google’s Go Lego Logo (say it three times fast I dare you) is still up, and I received my lovely belated Christmas/house warming presents of Lego ice trays and magnetic Lego blocks :D

Behold! :D

Lego Ice
Lego Ice Water
Lego Magnets

In other exciting news my site has relaunched with lots of lovely new work, with more due to go up in the next month :) Take a peek :) –

The site was designed by me, and developed by Rihards Steinbergs.

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7 replies to 'Ice Lego! Magnetic Lego! Lego Lego!'

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  2. debby said, on August 4th, 2008 at 6:01 am

    I want magnetic lego’s but they no longer sell in the United States, where did you get them??? I know they were a present…can you ask??? can you beg for some info for me….please….also lust after the lego ice cubes too.

    life is like a lego….connected and colorful….

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