Ice Lego! Magnetic Lego! Lego Lego!
Posted in news,niceness,random by Mark on the January 28th, 2008

Yes it’s fifty years since the birth of Lego, Google’s Go Lego Logo (say it three times fast I dare you) is still up, and I received my lovely belated Christmas/house warming presents of Lego ice trays and magnetic Lego blocks :D

Behold! :D

Lego Ice
Lego Ice Water
Lego Magnets

In other exciting news my site has relaunched with lots of lovely new work, with more due to go up in the next month :) Take a peek :) –

The site was designed by me, and developed by Rihards Steinbergs.

Christmas Cards 1988
Posted in design,doodle,illustration,news by Mark on the January 17th, 2008

Bit slow of me posting this in 2008, but wanted to show them :)

I won the competition for my design to be used as the school Christmas card at my infant school when I was seven (back in 1988 scary eh) and had them reprinted this year as my Christmas cards to send out :)

Christmas 2007
Christmas 2007
Christmas 2007

Thanks to Karen over at Entwistle for the insanely fast turn around (left it a bit late!).

scrapbook.sreski in Web Index by Content .03
Posted in news by Mark on the January 8th, 2008

Was a great bit of news in 2007 when I first became aware that this site would be included in the web index book, up there with pretty much all my favourite websites and designers.

Web Index 03
Web Index 03
Web Index 03
Web Index 03

About the book:
The by Content series is the newer spin off series of books from the successful Web Index series published by the Pepin Press / Agile Rabbit Editions. The by Content book groups sites across a number of categories from blogs (scrapbook.sreski) to design & illustration, art, food, fashion, photography etc. The web design indexes are international best-sellers, with about a quarter of a million copies sold worldwide.

Which is nice :)

Two Thousand & Eight
Posted in design,news,random by Mark on the January 3rd, 2008

Well a year on, scary stuff. Well it’s been a challenging year :D But it’s been a good one, where I managed to do all three things I wanted, go freelance or find a new job and move somewhere groovy and easy to work from.

Left my job.
For a thousand small reasons back in April.

Went freelance successfully.
Working out well, it’s a big change but great fun.

Moved to a shiny lil apartment in Manchester.
Only just managed to sneak the move in December though, but it still counts ;)

A huge thanks to everyone who has helped and been supportive in my first year of freelance, and 2008 looks set to keep getting better. Hmm other news, this blog has been featured in the book Web Design Index by Content 3, which is very brilliant :D Will post some pictures up later this week.

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