Posted in illustration by Mark on the February 10th, 2007

Something I’ve been meaning to do as a little personal project for a while, one of my favourite books British Summertime, by Paul Cornell, I always felt didn’t have a particularly strong cover (his other book Something More, is even worse) so for the hell of it I created a few ideas for the cover.

The book is actually quite short, but covers a huge range of topics, (in a suitably whimsical way that doesn’t clobber you with judgemental preachiness) from religion, capitalism, communism, Britishness, mad cow disease, chipshopness, oh and don’t forget time travel, the RAF, heads on plates and the end of the world.

When I finished my ideas and was showing them a friend, I dug out an image of the original cover as comparison. And appallingly, I discovered the book is being re-released this year with a new cover.

I don’t actively hate the new cover, I’m mostly jealous someone got there before me. It has a quite quirky nice retro feel to it, which does in a way tie in to one of the characters who is WW2 era prim and proper British. Not a fan of the imagery used in it though, would prefer if it had just been the flag (although St George flag for a book titled British seems a bit of a misfire) or at least not the cheesy clock/stars nebula composite image.

That’s where my niceness ends however, as I checked the new publisher it will be released through and the full listing of covers all have this very similar style, a retro throwback, I don’t think its 100% correct for British Summertime, and I doubt even more that it would be appropriate for every single book they are releasing.

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