East meets biro
Posted in illustration,news by Mark on the January 28th, 2007

Just another quick little biro doodle, quite like how it turned out might tidy it up and make a shiny vector version of it sometime.

More news on the shiny ego front, I’m quite hooked to checking my website’s traffic now, so geeky I know, but was pleasantly surprised to see I now seem to have more attention from China than from Europe now, certainly surprised me, but quite flattering for my design style to be liked so far and wide. And the few pages I wedged through babel translator sounded quite nice indeed :D

Frantically busy week in work, created the first piece of work I’ve been happy with in months there, and it’s only the design for a web invite. Will pop it on my portfolio site in a few weeks probably.

Ripple me this…
Posted in 3D by Mark on the January 20th, 2007

Ahem 19 days later… Oops.

Sreski and scrapbook.sreski have both been appearing on a number of gallery sites after first appearing on Web Creme a bit ago, which is pretty cool :)

Anyway, work has been fairly hectic, and haven’t found much energy to do my own doodles, so I shalt combine these two dilemmas to produce some quasi-shiny goods! Finally some 3D eh! Nothing too glamorous, the below were created very quickly for a pitch, as visuals of some abstract graphics which could be used in printed pieces here and there, ripples and growth and the like. (You get a cookie if you can guess the client from the three corporate colours red, grey and white.)

New Year, thank f**k 2006 is over. Goodies for all!
Posted in news by Mark on the January 1st, 2007

Morning-ish! This is an almost scarily regular update, so I just wanted to wish you all Happy New Year! I’ve updated the goodies section finally, it now has a series of wallpapers, not too many right now, but hurrah section has content!

2006 feels like a horrible horrible blur, I can shut my eyes and remember last New Year as if it were a minute away. That said it’s been a steep learning curve for me, and I did survive and learn quite a lot, through necessity I know have a stronger career direction than I ever did before, but the year has felt like a battleground to accomplish anything, and this early in my career I’d rather be doing my job and enjoying it. But then I suppose that’s why scrapbook exists.

It wasn’t an all bad year though, I finally went on a holiday out of the country for the first time in years, which was really cool :) And I launched sreski and scrapbook.sreski of course, so it’s been a hard year but I feel like I’ve done all my career chores (eventually) and I can hopefully spend more of my free time on personal projects and enjoying myself.

So erm 2007 then, resolutions I suppose, work on more fun and frivolous projects. Continue developing secret mysterious projects with Rihards. Write more, I enjoy writing and though I have ideas and concepts, I rarely expand upon my notes. Hmm and various other things too probably.

That’s all for now :)

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