Pixel fun and festive hats
Posted in random by Mark on the November 22nd, 2006

I’m trying to balance out having something worth posting on here every week or so, so I’m unlikely to ever post daily like my good coder monkey friend Rihards is somehow managing, but anyway onwards with the imagery!

I’m again raiding my archives this week, favicons! 16 by 16 pixels of personality. They’re fairly frivolous, Internet Explorer users will be barely aware of them, these little icons only appear to them in their bookmarks list (not sure about the new IE7) in Firefox of course, or Shiira (my preferred mac browser du jour) they are the lovely icons next to the web address of the site you’re visiting. Lots of sites, especially design agency sites seem to not bother with them, which I find a little strange as its just a nice little way of customising the view and showing you’re thinking about all the ways your site will be seen.

Anyway below is a handful of ones I’ve made, I’m not a web designer, which is probably why I think about these things more than how to code properly ;)

And yes I promised hats! Miserable weather in lovely Manchester the other day as usual at the moment, but these things brought a smile to my face when I went to grab some food at lunch, all the Innocent smoothies had these hand knitted hats, all different. It’s a nice little campaign, charitable too.

Posted in illustration by Mark on the November 12th, 2006

Had quite a lot of nice feedback from the site so far, so all is good.

I’m currently toying with the idea of making some T-Shirt or poster designs for the Semi-Competitive competition, but with only two months left to make something dazzling, not sure I’ll find the time! Hmm something evil involving fish probably.

Anyway, some assorted shinies, all done in Illustrator, some have been knocking around in forgotten folders for a while, the coloured in scrapbook landscape is new though :)

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